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Getting To Grips With Driving Jobs

Driving jobs are great for a few reasons. One, you get the freedom from an office setting and can explore the roads, which can be really exciting as you drive the motorways of the UK. This is required in many driving jobs such as those involving large of heavy goods vehicles and removals. Two, there are various levels in which to enter, some of which require minimal licensing, others requiring more licensure such as an LGV C2 licence for larger container haulers. The job you inevitably pursue could be a more entry level position in which you can advance through experience and training, or you could train for the appropriate license straight away and seek the higher or larger vehicle jobs. You should also remember that larger haul driver jobs can consist of travelling over the motorway for long distances and long periods of time (even overseas), so the position you apply for should be something you are ready to dedicate yourself to.

Delivery/Courier Jobs

There are various delivery or courier jobs that are quite simple and require less licensure. A basic driving license is suitable for these jobs as the vehicles are small goods vehicles such as small trucks and medium to large vans. These jobs consist of handling small to large packages, but generally no more than a few pounds in weight. There are also common delivery jobs such as food, catering, newspaper, or any other type of small deliveries that might consist of the use of your own vehicle or that of a small company vehicle.

Heavy Goods Transport Jobs

There are several heavy goods driver jobs available that require an HGV licence, increasing in class by the product or service. These positions are generally more laborious but are better paying jobs. There are some that require over-the-road driving for long periods of time, while other can be local only requiring daily driving.

Public/Commuter Transport Jobs

There is a large arena of public transportation within the UK as many people opt for the train or bus as their main mode of transportation to and from work or other recreational activities. There is a different driving job for every end of the sector. For instance, public transport positions could include:

  • Chauffeur
  • Cab Driver
  • Train Operator
  • Bus Driver

The position that is right for you is typically the one in which you will feel most fulfilled and will have responsibilities that you are capable of handling. Pay rates for a driver job depend on the level of the position and the actual functions you will take on. You may need to further your license and/or have additional training in order to obtain specific jobs so it is important to understand the requirements of the positions before applying. Driver jobs can provide a freedom in the working experience as well as a great paying career.

If you are a fairly new driver or are new to the arena of driving jobs, follow these safety tips and you can maxmimize you chances of getting a jobs and keeping it.

It used to be fairly common for dealers in the motor trade to swindle buyers, even those who were purchasing a vehicle for work purposes but luckily those days are in the past and you can now find trusted dealers across the length and breadth of the UK. The motor trade really as cleaned up it's act.

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